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Let us Spark you into the Future


Opening Show Spark Paris 2018

Sabri Ben Radhia

Sparking disruption

9:30 – 9:50

Dirk Ahlborn
Hyperloop T.T.


A serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years CEO experience. Also noticed as the man who is bringing Elon Musk’s vision of an entirely new transportation system into reality. Take a trip into the future of transport and join his story from Paris to Amsterdam in only 30 minutes. He is bringing this, and other transformative businesses to life .

9:50 – 10:10

Ludovic Huraux
CEO & Founder


It’s all about humility, perseverance and meeting new people. Serendipity, one of the characteristics Americans believe in. Waking up in the morning, thinking that perhaps they will meet a person who is going tot change their life. This creates curiosity and openness which is very strong and impacts how people interact with one another. That’s what Shapr is focus on, they introduce you to people you might not even have thought about. Let Ludovic show you the power of networking!

10:10 – 10:30

Christophe De Hauwer


As a member of the Board of SES, Christophe is taking us into higher spaces!  The Chief Strategy and Development Officer of SES, will be taking the stage to show how SES  (SES Satellites), the largest satellite operator in the world, is revolutionizing telecommunications through space technology innovation.



Mindfulness session with Kwerk

Building Tomorrow's Company

10:55- 11:15

Jurgen Appelo
Agile Entrepreneur & Author of Management 3.0

Agility Scales: Shifting Teams in Better Shapes

Jurgen takes us with him through the journey of building tomorrows company. He is inventing the future of organizational agility. If you want to scale agile, but you don’t know how. You like some methods and frameworks, but they don’t fit in your context. You know the organization needs to change, but there is a strong sense of “change resistance”. You can only achieve this by motivating people to change continuously. To achieve this, we take a closer look at gamification and habit-forming. Because games and habits are the keys to intrinsic motivation and change. And you need those in your company to become a great shapeshifter!

11:15- 11:35

Anthony Gooch Galvez
Director of Communications and Public Affairs, OECD

The better-life index

We all want a better life, but what does this mean, and how to measure it?  We know that happiness and well-being are not just a question of GDP and that we also need to take into account elements such as education, your household’s income, standard of housing and access to vital elements such as clean water and breathable air. As a Director of Public Affairs & Communications at OECD, Anthony Gooch is the pioneer of the OECD Better Life index. He will share with us how the BLI explores the quality of life and what is the recipe for a better life!

11:35- 11:55

Arie van Bennekum
Co-author of the Agile Manifesto

Scaling Agile

As one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, Arie has become an expert in international Agile transformations. One of his visions is changing people is impossible, they will only change when they can see there are motivations to do so. If so, what does it take to change a complete organisation? Arie will take you with him through a journey of a story on approach, co-creation of a new organisation and its internal dynamics!

Lunch break

13:30- 13:50

Franck Le Tendre
Managing Director EMEA Dropbox

Building a culture of creative thinkers

As General Manager France and Director of European Industries at Dropbox, Franck Le Tendre will show us a way to use technology that can contribute greatly to our ongoing business. As an Alumni of both INSEEC and ESCP schools, Franck began his career taking on operational roles at Sage before joining Unica as Sales Manager for Southern Europe. He thus knows all about “productivity” and allowing teams to work smarter!


13:50- 14:10

Sylvie Daumal

The importance of UX designers

Sylvie Daumal is the co-founder of WeDigitalGarden, an innovation company in Paris, France: she is leading the design team, working for various companies. As a writer of the first French-language book dedicated to UX design, she now shares her knowledge by teaching in various schools and gives courses at the University of Paris Sorbonne.

14:10- 14:30

Anamita Guha
Product Manager IBM Watson

Designing conversation interfaces

Designing conversations, embracing technology: Anamita is focusing on conversational interfaces like chatbots. With a team of product managers and engineers that are strategically creating the next generation of IBM products, platforms, and experiences that developers love. In her role, she recently helped launch Chatbots for Good: Introduction to empathetic chatbot.


Unleashing People's talent

14:50- 15:10

Nadia Laurinci
CEO Laurinci Speakers

Why you should seek the company of progressive people

As founder and CEO at Laurinci Speakers – a speakers bureau working with some of the most successful and accomplished innovators, trendsetters and pioneers in the world. She shares the lessons of people who have achieved extraordinary success and personal happiness by trusting in and developing their superpowers. And according to Nadia it starts with Curiosity..

15:10- 15:30

Olivier Picard

Why Change is inevitable?

We live in a time of change and technological disruption, where companies strive to innovate and transform the way we work, the way we communicate and even the way we manage in order to adapt and address the daily issues we face.
The problem:
-classic tools are being distorted from their original purpose (email)
– Increase of the number of app

The new generation or the Now generation!

15:30- 15:50

Kary Bheemaiah

Cognivite diversity/Artificial intelligence

A tech fan, news addict and data hound, Kary has had a varied career, as a marine engineer, a legionnaire in the French Legion, and currently as a researcher, lecturer, author & consultant. He had the opportunity to present his thoughts on capitalism at 2 TEDx events in France, and this year he will share his thoughts about the  fragmention of society through technology and how society is evolving as more and more technology are coming into it.

15:50- 16:10

Sarah Akel

Millenials at work or the future of HR

Sarah will speak to you about the HR trends of the future. As co-founder and chief editor of Change the Work, she will inspire you with her stories about her personal experiences and the challenges of the future of work. Most of all now the Millenials are entering the workforce…


17:10- 17:30

Charles Chantala

The human side of Hiring : inspiring connection, passion, and loyalty.

Does it surprise you to learn that 8 out of 10 people would turn down a big salary if it meant working in an environment or with colleagues they didn’t like? This is just one example of research that reveals the importance of human connections in the workplace. When employees have strong social connections in the office, they’re more likely to perform better, value the work they do, and remain at their companies. So can you encourage these human connections and incorporate them into your recruiting process?  Through real-world insights and strategies built on the data behind 200M+ unique monthly Indeed visitors, we’ll share the keys to hiring in today’s competitive market.

17:30- 17:50

Alon Rozen

What? is the meaning of life

As a professor of innovation and finance (yes, the two can go together), Alon Rozen wants to tell you more about the meaning of life. What does your life mean? What is your life worth? How should we measure our lives? In years? In moments? In accomplishments? In money? Questioning leads to growth mindset. Let Alon take you into the amazing power of questions.

17:50- 18:10

Marianne Syed

Integrating refugees into the labor market

Being human is given, but keeping our humanity is a choice!
The fear of the other is first and foremost the fear of the unknown, of those we do not know. So we raise walls and we set up camps, to park our fears, and the migrants. Marianne Syed refused this logic of ignorance. This was her motivation for the set up of the Odyssey project, a photography project. She wants to use photography to tell a story and to give an identity to each migrant, who have come so far and endured so much. To get to know them, to welcome them, and understand their desire to move forward with us.

Closing Ceremony Spark Paris 2018


Jazz concert


VIP Cocktail