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Spark The Change

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Spark the Change is a global community of people & organizations whose mission is to change the world of work by building stronger businesses and happier workplaces.

Spark is a platform of shared practices, events and ideas that help companies create an ecosystem built to confront tomorrow’s challenges. We offer an environment equipped to sustain adaptive experimentation to foster continuous improvement. 

Spark the Change aims to inspire, educate and engage. 

So… what’s your battle ?

Building tomorrow's company

Adapting to societal change and embracing technological evolutions and taking the steps to transform our organisations.

Unleashing people's talent

Channeling talent towards market value, unleashing people’s true potential and creating trustworthy workplaces.

Sparking disruption

Seeking disruption and innovation, challenging the status-quo and witnessing the future discoveries of our society.


entrepreneurs, authors, academics, designers, architects, engineers, creators meet at Spark!
Dirk Ahlborn
CEO - Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc.
Sylvie Daumal
Co-founder - WeDigitalGarden
Anthony Gooch Gálvez
Director of communication and public affairs - OECD
Alon Rozen
CEO & Dean - Ecole des Ponts Business School
Marianne Syed
Executive Director - Positive Planet UK
Jurgen Appelo
Founder/CEO - Agility Scales
Ludovic Huraux
CEO & Co-Founder - Shapr
Thoughtleader on ​​Agile & founder of the Agile Manifesto - Wemanity